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Some publications about my projects


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Opening Spoorwegmuseum 'Vorstelijk Reizen
Oktober 2017

The promotional video made by the Railway Museum about the opening of their new exposition 'Royal Travel', for which I designed the two main attractions.


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A Reduction in Time with Electronic Monitoring In Stroke (ARTEMIS)
Juni 2017

Using Patient Flow Analytics, nine different hospitals in The Netherlands are researching the influence of real-time visual feedback in reducing total system delay for patients with acute ischemic stroke.


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Cicero 'Hart op weg'
October 2014

The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) has published an article in their two-monthly magazine about using real-time feedback in monitoring the time to treatment for STEMI (heart attack) patients.


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Smart Experience Actuator (SEA) 'Living Dress'
December 2013

Living Dress was created as part of the Smart Experience Actuator (SEA), a large project funded by the European Union, consisting of researching different possibilities for using playful interaction in stimulating education, tourism, and retail. This publication is a post-mortem document, detailing the experiences of all different stakeholders involved in the projects.